What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • A government issued photo ID .
  • Any medical records that you have regarding your medical condition.
  • List of all medications that you are taking, both prescribed and over the counter.
  • A completed Marijane Consult intake form, which we will email to you when your appointment scheduled.   
  • MMCC number if you are registered through the state already.
  • Minors need proof of guardianship and a notarized copy of the Minor Patient form. (https://mmcc.health.maryland.gov/Registry/blankForms/MinorPatientForm.pdf)

If this is your first consult to be approved for medical marijuana the fee is $200

If you already have your MMCC and are coming in for a renewal the fee is $100

Veterans pay $22

There are no fees for hospice patients. 

We accept Cash or PayPal. 

What will happen after my appointment?

If you are already approved by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission than you will receive a printout that you can then take to the dispensary.

If you are not yet registered then we will help you create an account and you can either see the provider at that time or wait till you receive your MMCC number. Once you receive your MMCC number, if you have already been seen we will put in the provider part and send you a printout you can take to the dispensary. If you have not been seen by our provider, you can set up and appointment to see us and will leave with your printout after your appointment. 

How Often will I have to follow up?

Depending on your health issues and the effectiveness of the cannabis our Providers will inform you on how often they would like you to follow up.  Maryland requires you to follow up ever year.